Doctors That Are Patients, Too

NeuronsAll too often, people that live with a chronic illness have a difficult time explaining to their doctor what their pain feels like; the fog, the numbness and tingling, the fatigue or whatever symptom they happen to be experiencing that week. We tend to become frustrated because we see the looks that a doctor gives us, most likely because our explanation doesn’t sound anything like they are described in medical school.

We as patients though were never taught how to properly describe a symptom; so basically going into an appointment can be like going to a convention where no one speaks the same language – which ultimately leads to nothing but confusion and frustration, and a lot of wasted time.

It’s extremely rare to find a doctor that understands exactly what we’re talking about. Unless, of course, they actually live with the symptoms we have been experiencing.

If you live with Multiple Sclerosis, you may have heard about a doctor named Terry Wahl, MD. She is the inventor of the “Wahls Protocol” (Amazon, Paperback $10.97), a diet she created to help stave off her symptoms of her progressive MS (which worked wonders for her), ultimately hoping to help others MSer’s do the same.

More recently, I have learned about Vincent F. Macaluso, MD. He is a neurologist that was diagnosed with MS while he was going to Medical School. Understandably, his specialty landed toward Multiple Sclerosis after school; and more recently he wrote a book called, “Multiple Sclerosis From Both Sides of the Desk” (Amazon, Paperback $24.73 USD)

Dr. Macaluso stated in an interview (below) that having MS influenced his practice, not only because he can relate to his patients in more personal manner, but also because he knows what alternative medications can be prescribed to help some of the symptoms. One of those medications, normally used for Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), helped him finish his new book, because it was able to help him with the weak focus that is commonly found in patients with MS. In writing his book, Macaluso said he hopes to encourage clinical trials of similar drugs for MS, and spread awareness of the realities of MS patients among his colleagues, and MS patients and their families.

After hearing what Dr. Macaluso had to say in his interviews, I’m really looking forward to getting a copy of his book for myself so I can hear what else he has to say. Check out two of his interviews that are posted below:

  • Interview #1 – with Vincent F. Macaluso, MD; Credit to: Fox News Health

(Unfortunately, I was unable to embed this video, so please visit the link below to see the full interview with Dr. Macaluso on Fox News Health):

Fox News Health | Interview with Vincent F. Macaluso, MD

  • Interview #2 – with Vincent F. Macaluso, MD; Video credit to: Fox5NY 

If you do happen to get a copy of his book, come back and let me know what you thought… I’d love to hear your reviews!
Good reading!