Why Doctors Need Two Left Shoes

legs1After years of serious and thoughtful observation (i.e. doctor visits, hospital stays, and conversations with other patients), I have come to a conclusion. I believe medical professionals should be required to wear two left shoes at work for one day.

Why, you ask? Well, I’ll tell you my theory…

Living with a chronic illness, we go through symptoms that healthy people never usually experience. Because of this, we quietly wish healthy people were able to understand what it’s like to be sick 24/7/365 (including leap year—we don’t get that day off either).

Of course, we would never ever wish our pain on another person—we know too well what it’s like to hurt all the time; to be constantly sick… we wouldn’t dare wish any of this on our worst enemy.

Empathy is a wonderful thing… To have the ability to “understand” what someone is  going through, you can appreciate better what pain can be like—and therefore, treat us better.

That’s why I figure if people in the medical profession wore two left shoes for just one day, they will quickly be taught what it’s like to live (and work) in pain—and hopefully consider their patient’s pain and symptoms/complaints more thoughtfully in the future.

If they ever needed a refresher course? They can wear two left shoes with tiny pebbles added for an extra reminder! What a lesson that would be… Ouch!

It would be a simple, yet effective experiment… don’t you agree?

Wouldn’t it be great to suddenly start seeing people in the medical profession wearing two left shoes?

I’m just sayin’!

3 thoughts on “Why Doctors Need Two Left Shoes

  1. This was a pretty good post and very true. Living with lupus and having family, friends and doctors understand what it feels like to always be in pain and uncertainty is a pain. Though, every single, as I live with Lupus; I am learning to beat the uncertainty by taking one day at a time.

    When it comes to the pain, it is very nerve wrecking when someone says, “Well.. What’s wrong now?” Or ,”Are you sure you’ll be alright?” When you’ve gone through so much mentally, physically and spiritually with this fight.

    I’ve only had lupus for 1 year. August 2016 will be my 2 year fight. I am not creating a personal relationship with the disease but know it all too well when it comes to peers and family not quite understanding.

    This is going to be an interesting journey. Best of blessings!

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  2. As a CARING, former pain management Dr, let’s amend that statement to “Drs who REFUSE to PRESCRIBE PAIN MEDICATION should have to wear 2 left shoes with pebbles in each”! Please let me keep my proper ones. I support all of you!

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